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Almond Stuffed Manzanillo Olives

Almond Stuffed Manzanillo Olives (box of 6)

Great for the true and tried olive addicts! These Spanish Manzanillo olives are hand stuffed with Spanish almonds. They work as a great appetizer or snack to keep handy in your fridge.

Size: 20 oz

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Manzanillas means “little apples” in Spanish. This large, rounded-oval fruit, with purple-green skin, originates in southern Spain. Manzanillas are known for their crisp texture and a rich, slightly smoky, almond flavor. These olives also produce an intensely fruity extra virgin olive oil with a hint of spiciness.

Our olives are handpicked and cured using a third-generation producer's family recipe for low salt brine. The process results in olives that are not only lower in salt content, but also naturally crunchy with a meaty texture. Product of Spain.

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