Blueberry Balsamic & Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

Have you ever craved a blueberry muffin, but you’re trying to stay away from sugar? This pairing is your friend! Made with fresh lemon pulp, the Meyer Lemon Olive Oil blends terrifically with the thick fruitiness of the Blueberry Balsamic. Not afraid of sugar? Try our Blueberry Crisp with Lemon Glaze


Recipe Included:  Blueberry Crisp with Lemon Glaze

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Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar:
Our Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar is aged up to 18 years & yields a thick, fruity flavor. Try it on cheeses & your favorite fruits!

Meyer Lemon Fused Olive Oil:
Made by crushing & cold pressing the pulp from fresh lemons & olives together. Great for marinating seafood & chicken, or using for berry-filled salads!

Recipe Included: Blueberry Crisp with Lemon Glaze

**Please note: Does not come in a gift box, items are shipped in regular packing materials.**