Greek Athinolia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This extremely early harvest from Greece is beautifully balanced and complex with notes of creamy artichoke, and green and tropical fruit. If you enjoyed last years’ harvest of Athinolia, this oil is going to wow you!

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Eat like the Greeks! Our new Athinolia could easily be your next go-to extra virgin. Its creamy consistency is a nice support to its fragrance and black pepper finish. Use this oil liberally as your kitchen workhorse for sautéed greens and as a salad dressing with Sicilian Lemon Balsamic. Before they hit the grill, splash generously on fish and garden vegetables or surprise your family with a mouthwatering olive oil cake!

*Crush Date: September 2020. FFA- 0.28, PV- 5.8, OLEIC- 74.1, BIO-PHENOLS 378.7, DAGS- 93.9.

*Chemistry values are representative from time of crush.

All Saratoga Olive Oils are Kosher Certified.

Greek Athinolia Extra Virgin Olive Oil nutritional information