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Your new favorite lotion!  Just check out the reviews that our NEW body line has received.  Find your favorite scents and use it everyday. 

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Made in Greenwich, New York these hand & body lotions are made using our olive oil and only the best all-natural ingredients. These lotions absorb quickly and leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated with a light scent. We offer an array of scents to choose from. Find your favorite and use it every day!

Scent Descriptions

Coconut Lemongrass: A bright, fresh & clean blend with a hint of citrus

Tahitian Vanilla: A sweet buttery & warm vanilla blend

DayDream: A calming & relaxing blend of vanilla, lavender, chamomile and a hint of jasmine

Rosemary Mint: A fresh, herbaceous, minty blend that's both energizing & rejuvenating

BlackBerry Sage: An irrestistable blend that combines fresh blackberry and cassis with the earthiness of sage and a touch of warm vanilla

White Tea & Ginger: A delightfully warm & comforting blend of bergamot, lily, lemon ginger, nutmeg, freesia and peony

Cranberry Spice: A seasonal blend of cranberry, orange, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon

High Rock Spring: A fresh unisex, spa-like blend of bergamot, Italian lemon oil, coriander, basil, ginger, vetiver and amber. A nod to the traditions of seeking Saratoga;s rejuenating waters

Walk in the Woods: An earthy, grounding of balsam, cedarwood and vanilla