Black Peppercorn Olive Oil & Cascadian Raspberry Balsamic

One of our newer items, Black Peppercorn Olive Oil is a grill master's dream. It will give you a robust kick, which is intensified in the best possible way when paired with our Cascadian Raspberry White Balsamic. The Cascadian Raspberry is crisp and tart, perfect with the smokiness of the black peppercorn. Try our Royal Salad recipe using this combo!

Recipe Included - Royal Salad

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Black Peppercorn Olive OilOur Madagascar Black Peppercorn Olive Oil offers flavor reminiscent of hickory smoke or charred oak barrels. A grill master's dream come true!

Cascadian Wild Raspberry BalsamicThe perfect blend of fresh, juicy raspberries and tart balsamic!

Recipe Included:  Royal Salad

**Please note: Does not come in a gift box.**