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Whole Queen Gordal Olives (box of 6)

Whole Queen Gordal Olives (box of 6)

These meaty Gordal olives are hand stuffed with spicy red Spanish Piri-Piri chilies and sweet Spanish garlic. Piri-Piri chilies are known for their moderately hot intensity yet mellow, sweetcorn flavor. Makes the perfect snack or appetizer for your heat loving friends!

Size: 20 oz

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Gordal means "fat one" in Spanish. The name is justified; these are some big, proudly fat, round olives that weigh over 6 grams. The tough Gordal trees thrive in the dry climate of Seville (Andalucía), Spain.  Although they are large in size, due to their low oil content, they are exclusively beloved as tapas olives. 

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