Large Handcrafted Gift Box

Makes a beautiful gift presentation for our 750ml wine sized bottles! This box makes a perfect presentation when you bring your favorite olive oil \ wine or balsamic to a dinner party! 

Buy the box alone or pair it with the following best sellers:  Cobrancosa EVOO, Tuscan Herb EVOO, Blood Orange EVOO, Traditional Balsamic or Sicilian Lemon Balsamic.

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This locally handmade wooden box makes a beautiful gift presentation for our 750 ml wine size bottles. Gift the box with a bottle of wine, olive oil or balsamic and bring it to your next dinner party. One of our most elegant gifts!

Comes with the following Flavors to be added with the box:

1. Portuguese Cobrancosa EVOO - This Portuguese extra virgin is a varietal the local chefs wait for every year to offer guests at bread service, because of its fruity, nutty flavor that is pleasing to everyone! Our new harvest Cobrancosa is exceptional this year - with a sweet complexity that ties in notes of mango, mature banana and fragrant floral tea leaves that progresses into delicate bitterness with a pleasing amount of pepper. It's truly one of the best year we've tasted. Enjoy this oil in all aspects of your cooking.

2. Tuscan Herb Infused Olive Oil- This exceptional herb and garlic infused oil is a favorite of many of our customers. The blend of oregano, rosemary, basil and garlic is perfect for dipping, marinades or sautéing!

3. Blood Orange Olive Oil - As the Blood Oranges and Tunisian olives ripen, they are pressed together to form this beautiful (agrumato) or combination of whole, fresh citrus fruits crushed with olives. Delicious and versatile - use it on fish and seafood, chicken, poultry salads, fruit and chocolate desserts.

3. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar - Our finest Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy. Aged up to 18 years in oak barrels. Very complex, thick and potent enough to be dripped onto a dish as a condiment and balanced enough so it will pair well with one of our olive oils in a salad dressing.

5. Sicilian Lemon Balsamic - A versatile balsamic vinegar that enhances the flavor of roasted meats, fish, fruit salads, ice cream, desserts and cocktails.