How to Prep Artichokes

How to Prep Artichokes

There are many ways artichokes can be used in your cooking– including steaming, roasting, grilling, marinating and frying! Make a classic Spinach & Artichoke Dip, or include them in salads for extra texture and flavor! Here’s the basic way to trim and prepare an artichoke:

Artichoke cut in half

1. With a sharp knife, carefully cut off the top ¼ of each artichoke, rubbing the opening with half a lemon. Artichokes brown quickly, but the acidity of the lemon will help keep the green color. Keep applying fresh lemon juice to the artichoke when preparing.

Artichokes cut into quarters

2. Pick off any loose petals towards the stem of the artichoke. With a peeler, peel the stem to remove it’s  extra rough outer layer. Slice each artichoke in half. Keep applying fresh lemon juice to the cut sides of  the artichoke to prevent browning.

Removing 'the choke' from the artichoke

3. (Ignore this step if using baby artichokes) In larger artichokes, it’s very important to remove the ‘choke’  — it is dangerous if consumed! In the middle of the artichoke, look for the fuzzy center which must be removed. Using a spoon, scoop out the choke and discard.

Trimmed and prepared Artichoke

4. Finally, with a pair of kitchen shears, trim off the pointy tips of the outer petals. They are hard and too tough to eat. Now, your prepped artichoke is ready for a multitude of culinary applications!

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