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Unearth the symphony of flavors with our sampler collection at Saratoga Olive Oil. Ideal for those who love to explore before making a commitment, our olive oil samplers let you dive deep into the world of premium olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and gourmet sea salts, offering a tasting journey like no other. If you've ever been intrigued by the tantalizing array of olive oils we offer but felt overwhelmed by the choices, our mini olive oil bottles are the perfect solution. These curated olive oil samplers present an opportunity to experience the unique notes and nuances of each variety. And for the balsamic aficionados, our balsamic vinegar samplers shine a spotlight on the aged richness, tangy notes, and sweet undertones that have made them a staple in gourmet kitchens.  Whether you're looking to try mini olive oil bottles or some of our gourmet sea salts, samplers are the best way to discover your new favorite products. Find olive oil samplers and balsamic vinegar samples to try all that Saratoga Olive Oil has to offer! For those special occasions, what could be a more thoughtful gift than introducing someone to some of the world's finest olive oils and vinegars? Our olive oil sampler gift sets are not just gifts; they're an experience, a journey across orchards and vineyards. If you're looking for a great gift, introduce your recipient to olive oil sampler gift sets so they can try it for themselves! Try some of our best-selling olive oils and balsamic vinegars in individual 60 ml bottles or try our favorite 60 ml sample size pairings. With Saratoga flavored balsamic vinegar samplers, you can get a taste before committing to the full size! Mini olive oil and mini balsamic vinegar also makes great wedding favors or party favors! Check out our Weddings page to see our full selection of customizable wedding favors.

Customer Reviews

"Gave this as a holiday gift for a very accomplished cook in Atlanta - she was delighted with the variety and the quality of the sea salt trio!"

—Marybeth S. ordered Gourmet Sea Salt Trio

"I ordered the dip trio to include with holiday gifts and they are perfect! They fit so beautifully around the neck of the oil or vinegar bottle and really add a nice touch to the gift. Of course I ordered a set to try myself. Not only are the cute but delicious as well. The customer service experience I had was exceptional and I will definitely be ordering again. "

—Betsy W. ordered Dip Mix Trio Sampler Pack

"I love how these are perfect to try especially when you are not sure if you will like the flavor or not!"

—Jessica S. ordered 60ml Mini Bottle Pairings


How to do Mini Olive Oils for a Wedding?

Mini olive oils work great for wedding favors for guests. Order mini bottles of olive oil or balsamic vinegar from Saratoga Olive Oil Co. for fantastic party or wedding favors. Mini olive oils and mini balsamic vinegars can be customized to match your wedding theme and colors. Ordering is easy! Just fill out the form on our [Weddings page,](https://saratogaoliveoil.com/pages/wedding-party) and our specialist will help you through the process of getting mini olive oils for your wedding.

Can I Customize My Own Olive Oil Sampler Set, or Are They Pre-Selected?

Our olive oil and balsamic vinegar sampler sets are thoughtfully pre-selected for the perfect harmony of flavor combinations. However, if you have particular olive oils or balsamic vinegars in mind, or if you're feeling adventurous and want to craft your own unique pairing, you can select from our range of individual mini bottles to create your own tasting experience.

What are the Packaging Options for the Olive Oil Sampler Gift Sets?

Our olive oil sampler sets are presented in a variety of elegant packaging options to suit every occasion. The salad, grilling, and Italian-themed samplers are beautifully arranged in formal gift baskets, making them ideal for special occasions. Our olive oil and balsamic vinegar samplers come in individual bottles, or for a more vibrant option, we offer a [colorful best-seller collection.](https://saratogaoliveoil.com/products/limited-edition-colorful-bottles-best-sellers) For more formal packaging options, check out our [gift baskets](https://saratogaoliveoil.com/collections/gift-baskets) and [sets.](https://saratogaoliveoil.com/collections/gift-sets)

Is There a Difference in Taste Between the Mini Olive Oils and Their Full-Sized Counterparts?

Both our full-sized bottles and olive oil samplers have the same great taste! We fill all of our olive oil and balsamic vinegar samplers with the same delicious, high-quality olive oils as our larger bottles. These balsamic vinegar and olive oil samplers are a great way to experiment and try different flavors without having to commit to full-sized bottles.

Can I Purchase Multiple Sampler Sets for a Larger Group or Event?

Absolutely! Whether it's for a wedding, a special occasion, or a [corporate gift,](https://saratogaoliveoil.com/pages/corporate-gifts) our olive oil samplers make great party favors. You can select from a variety of mini olive oil bottles, ensuring you have enough for each guest to enjoy.