Roasted Garlic Dip Mix

Our roasted garlic dip mix is a wonderful garlic sensation! Add it to sour cream for a yummy garlic dip with veggies and crackers, sprinkle it into a dish of olive oil for a tasty bread dip, or add it to any Italian dishes for an extra kick of flavor.

One Size: 0.4 oz (11g)


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Get a sample size of our delicious Roasted Garlic Dip Mix ground freshly right here in Saratoga Springs, NY. These make great stocking stuffers or slip it onto any bottle of olive oil or vinegar that you purchase to spice up a gift!

Made with roasted garlic, roasted red bell pepper, sun-dried tomato, rosemary, thyme, oregano, savory, and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

One Size: 0.4 oz (11g)