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Agrodolce Flavor Trio


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Feast on the tantalizing flavors of our agrodolce and experience its delightful blend of tart and sweet flavors. Derived from the Italian words 'agro,' meaning sour, and 'dolce,' meaning sweet, our agrodolce combines our premium white balsamic vinegar with sugar or agave nectar, resulting in an irresistibly harmonious combination that elevates the flavor profile of any dish. Our premium white balsamic vinegar known for its exceptional quality and taste is the cornerstone of our exceptional agrodolce. Utilizing an intricate cooking process, our skilled chefs transform this balsamic into an irresistibly delicious condiment to add sophistication to your culinary creations. 

The combination of tanginess and sweetness makes agrodolce perfect for a variety of culinary dishes. Whether it's drizzled onto roasted vegetables, glazed onto succulent meats, or used as a finishing touch in salads, our agrodolce adds a burst of vibrant flavor to every bite. Unlock a world of culinary possibilities with every delicious bite of our agrodolce sauce. Elevate your dishes with this unique and versatile condiment, and savor the symphony of flavors that agrodolce brings to your table. 

Experience the perfect blend of sour and sweet, handcrafted with passion and expertise at Saratoga Olive Oil Company!


What is Agrodolce?

Rumored to be of Sicilian origin with Arabian influences, an Agrodolce is an Italian sauce that combines sweet elements with vinegar to create a delicious sweet and sour mixture with a sticky consistency.

How do you make Agrodolce?

Agrodolce is typically made by combining vinegar with honey, sugar, and other sweet ingredients like fruits, which is then cooked until the liquid is thicker. Our agrodolce begins with our Premium White Balsamic which is mixed with sugar or sweet agave nectar. All this is reduced together to achieve a silky sauce that you can pour or drizzle on your dishes.

How to Use Agrodolce

Agrodulce is often added to grilled steaks, poultry, and fish. It's great in sandwiches and is sometimes served over certain pasta or vegetable dishes. Ours is so good, you’ll be looking for more things to add it to!

What does Agrodolce Mean?

The word Agrodolce is derived from translating the Italian word “agro,” meaning sour, and “dolce” meaning sweet. While that may remind you of sweet and sour sauces from several Asian cuisines, those sauces may include ingredients like soy sauce and rice vinegar, which will be different from Italian agrodolce. In French cuisine, agrodolce is known as aigre-doux, and uses sweet elements like wine or apple cider wine, often with cider vinegar.