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Shop Saratoga Olive Oil's spices and seasonings! We have lots of spices and seasonings to choose from to accompany any dish. Whether you're preparing chicken, beef, pork, or vegetables, our seasoning blends are the perfect accompaniment to add extra flavor. With just a sprinkle of our carefully curated blends, your dishes will be infused with irresistible taste and aroma, leaving everyone at the table craving for more. With each blend thoughtfully crafted to harmonize with various ingredients, our spices are the key to unlocking a world of delightful flavors right in your kitchen. Add a dash of our Tuscan Dip Seasoning to your roasted vegetables for an authentic Mediterranean flair, or use our Lemon Pepper Seasoning to bring a zesty twist to your grilled chicken. Whether you're looking for a new steak rub, salad supplement, or a seasoning to go with a bread dip; we've got you covered! Try our best-selling Bread Dip Seasoning to add a little something to your olive oil and balsamic vinegar bread dip. Sprinkle some Saratoga Steak Rub on your next steak or chicken for an easy and everyday rub.  Carry some Cajun Seasoning with you everywhere you go to add a little bit of a kick to your everyday dishes. The possibilities are endless! Whether you're seeking to enhance the taste of your dishes or elevate your bread-dipping experience, our high-quality seasonings and bread dip mixes are the perfect choice for a wholesome and flavorful culinary journey. Shop Saratoga Spices and Seasonings today.

Customer Reviews

"My family has been looking for Tuscan spice for a while because we bake a lot of bread. I kept one and gave my sisters the others and we have been going crazy baking and trying different things. Thanks we love it!!"

—Patricia G. ordered Tuscan Seasoning

"My family and I use this Greek seasoning during our preparations to so many of our meals. It is a very versatile spice. It can be used to season oils and so much more. We love to add it to our baked chicken legs."

—Ivy F. ordered Greek Seasoning

"I got this seasoning as a gift and bought more because it is so delicious! I use it with oil as a dip, but I've also put it in homemade breads, in eggs, and on roasted veggies. An easy way to put some extra spices into your food. "

—Stacey H. ordered Roasted Garlic Seasoning


How Do I Use the Bread Dip Mix?

Our bread dip mixes have the perfect combination of herbs and spices to add an explosion of flavor. Simply mix our signature bread dip mix with olive oil (preferably from Saratoga Olive Oil Company) or sour cream, and you have a delicious ready-to-go dip. Try mixing our bread drip mix with some of your favorite flavored olive oils, like butter, basil, or garlic, for an extra layer of flavor.

How Long Do Spices and Seasonings Last?

Typically, spices and seasonings last for an average of two to three years. Spice and seasoning will have more potent and robust flavors the fresher they are. The older a seasoning gets, the less flavor and aroma it will have. As spices and seasonings age, their potency gradually diminishes, leading to a milder flavor and aroma. To fully appreciate the vibrant and rich flavors our spices have to offer, it's best to use them while they are at their freshest. Regularly replacing older spices with new ones ensures that your dishes will always be bursting with delightful and enticing flavors.

How Should I Store My Seasoning and Spices?

Properly storing your seasonings and spices is crucial to preserve their freshness and flavor. To ensure the best quality, seasoning, and spices should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations, such as near the stove or oven. Ideal storage locations include cabinets and pantries, where the temperature remains consistent and exposure to sunlight is limited.

Are the Seasonings and Bread Dip Mixes Gluten Free?

Yes, our seasonings, rubs, and bread dip mixes are not only gluten-free but also free of any artificial additives. We take immense pride in using only the finest, high-quality ingredients to craft these exceptional products, ensuring that each blend delivers the freshest and most delightful flavors to your table.