Rustic Rub

Hand sifted Tellicherry black pepper, Hungarian paprika, dried lemon peel, sea salt, fennel seeds, coriander, thyme, and rosemary team up to bring you a full-flavored complex blend of herbs and spices. This delightful mixture is reminiscent of the welcoming warmth of Mediterranean cuisine.

Small: 0.55 oz | Large: 2.3 oz

Pick A Variation


Go from marinating to on-the-grill in about ten short minutes with a little olive oil and this seasoning. The flavors permeate the meat quickly which means you get to enjoy it quicker! Stir into yogurt and generously pile onto a delicious leg of lamb dish for a cool refreshing marinade. Use liberally to add rich flavor (and a delicate Mediterranean spin) to grilled vegetables, breakfast eggs, and pasta dishes. 

You can also hydrate this herb mixture by mixing it with a splash or two of your favorite SOOC Olive Oil! An extra splash of water makes this wonderful to use as a basting liquid.

Thrilled to include that The Rustic Rub Seasoning is ground fresh right here in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Small: 0.55 oz

Large: 2.3 oz