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Looking for a unique way to upgrade your cocktail or mocktail game? Saratoga Olive Oil Co. has you covered with our line of gourmet bar syrups. These are non-alcoholic bar syrups, but add your favorite liquor to create your new favorite cocktail! Whether an at-home alcohol enthusiast or looking for a bartending syrup, these bar syrups make the perfect addition to your liquor collection. With an exotic range of bar syrup flavors  like Sicilian Limoncello and Jalapeño Mint, you can add a delicious twist to any drink. Imagine the refreshing zest of Sicilian Limoncello mingling with a classic margarita mingling or the zesty kick of Jalapeño Mint enlivening a mojito. The flavors are designed to be both intriguing and complementary, ensuring that they enhance rather than overpower the base of your beverage. Want to make the perfect Bloody Mary? Use our Bloody Mary Bar Syrup to make the perfect bloody Mary every time. No need for a dozen different ingredients—this expertly blended bar syrup delivers the right combination of spice, tang, and umami. Just add vodka, and you're set for a consistently perfect Bloody Mary. But the versatility of these gourmet bar syrups extends beyond the bar. They can seamlessly transition into your culinary endeavors as well. Drizzle Sicilian Limoncello syrup over grilled vegetables for an extra layer of flavor, or use Jalapeño Mint syrup as a glaze for chicken or fish, infusing a refreshing yet fiery note to your dish. So, whether you're looking to spice things up or keep it classic, Saratoga has the perfect bar syrup for you. Our collection of gourmet bar syrups are the perfect accompaniment to any cocktail or mocktail. Use a bar syrup to get the perfect cocktail every time!

Customer Reviews

"Love, love the Bloody Mary Bar Syrup. Makes for a great Bloody Mary!"

—Karen S. ordered Bloody Mary Bar Syrup

"OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! This syrup is DIVINELY inspired. Often I will put just a splash into straight soda water during the work day to have a nice taste. Later, after work, with vodka...and yes indeed life is good."

—Anonymous ordered Sicilian Limoncello Bar Syrup

"So many great things about this! But right now my favorite is mixing it with some tonic water for a refreshing non alcoholic drink!"

—Sharon W. ordered Jalapeño Mint Bar Syrup


What is Bar Syrup?

A bar syrup is a versatile concoction specifically designed to enhance the flavors and complexities of both cocktails and mocktails. It's more than just a simple sugar syrup; it's a curated blend of flavors that can range from sweet and fruity to spicy and savory. Whether you're mixing drinks in a high-end bar or simply looking to elevate your home bar experience, the right bar syrup can make all the difference in achieving a balanced and flavorful drink.But don’t be fooled, our artisan bar syrups can also be used for cooking too! Check out [this article]( on our favorite ways to use bar syrups in cooking.

How To Make Cocktail Drinks?

Use our artisan bar syrups to make the perfect cocktail every time! Each bar syrup comes with a recipe to make the perfect cocktail at home, with or without the alcohol! Just mix our bar syrups with the alcohol of your choice and another mixing medium liquid (such as seltzer water, soda, or tomato juice) and enjoy your at home cocktail without having to leave your house!

How To Make a Bloody Mary?

You can use our artisan [Bloody Mary Bar Syrup]( to make the perfect bloody mary every time! Just mix 1 part Bloody Mary Bar Syrup, 3 parts Vodka, and 6 parts tomato juice. Pour over ice, garnish with lemon and celery, and enjoy!

What is a Mocktail?

A mocktail is a cocktail without alcohol, designed to mimic the flavor and experience of a traditional cocktail. Utilizing a gourmet bar syrup like Sicilian Limoncello can elevate your mocktail, infusing it with complex flavors and aromas that make it nearly indistinguishable from its alcoholic counterpart. With the right bar syrup, you can create a mocktail that offers all the sophisticated nuances of a classic drink, without the alcohol. This makes mocktails a great option for those who are abstaining from alcohol but still want to enjoy a rich, flavorful beverage experience.

How to Make a Mocktail?

Utilizing our collection of artisan bar syrups can take your homemade mocktails to a gourmet level. The beauty of mocktail creation lies in its simplicity—essentially, it's the art of blending captivating flavors, just like in cocktails, but without the alcohol. Our diverse range of bar syrups allows you to concoct beverages that rival their alcoholic counterparts in complexity and taste. To make a mocktail, follow the steps of any cocktail, and just leave out the alcohol! We have lots of cocktail and mocktail recipes in our [Recipes section]( for you to try.