Z'hug Seasoning

Ground fresh right here in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Try this amazing Yemen spice blend!  Superb on so many dishes! 

Made with Turkish Marash pepper, coriander, roasted garlic, Himalayan pink sea salt, cardamom, caraway, lemon salt, parsley, cumin, and Tellicherry black pepper.

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Large: 2.1 oz

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Z'hug is a traditional blend from Yemen and also very popular in Israel. It's a great addition to your everyday seasoning blends. Z'Hug is a full-flavored blend with a wonderful fresh flavor enhanced by a hint of warmth from the Turkish Marash pepper and a slightly citrus finish. You can use it in its dry form or rehydrate it in your favorite Saratoga Olive Oil and use it as a paste.

Simple ways to use Z'hug:

- Rub on chicken, steak, or salmon before grilling.

- Add to Greek yogurt or sour cream and let rest for 20 minutes before using as a veggie or chip dip.

- Add to hummus or baba ganoush for a delicious appetizer.

- Add to a vegetable soup or black beans.

- Sprinkle on pizza for an added layer of flavor.

Small: 0.4 oz

Large: 2.1 oz