Rosemary Garlic Agrodolce

This Rosemary Garlic Agrodolce is the savory side of this sweet-sour condiment. Use it the same way you would your favorite balsamic, but also try it as a marinade, or a finishing sauce, or reduce it in a pan with some sautéed onions or shallots for a quick pan sauce. Just one taste and you'll see why this is one of our best-selling products!

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It’s all about the tangy contrast when you are enjoying our Agrodolce. Quite literally named from translating the Italian word “agro,” meaning sour, and “dolce,” meaning sweet, our agrodolce begins with our Premium White Balsamic that is then cooked down with sugar or agave nectar. The addition of rosemary and garlic introduces a layer of complexity, making this agrodolce a standout product. Our Rosemary Garlic Agrodolce offers a remarkable twist on the traditional sweet-sour condiment, bringing a savory depth that’s both distinctive and delightful. A well-balanced balsamic, along with the aromatic richness of rosemary and garlic, and you have a sensational product that adds a unique sophistication to any dish. Whether drizzled over grilled vegetables, whisked into vinaigrettes, or used to uplift simple pasta dishes, our Rosemary Garlic Agrodolce offers a flavorful addition.

  • Glaze over grilled meats 
  • Stir into cocktails for a savory twist
  • Drizzle over quinoa for a gourmet touch
  • Transform roast chicken with a finishing splash
  • A revelation on roasted potatoes and root veggies
  • A robust addition to tomato-based bruschetta.

Just a heads up: Our agrodolce is readily available in our 200ml and 375ml bottles. The 750ml bottle is sitting this one out.

Ingredients: Premium White Balsamic, True Cane Sugar, Garlic, Fresh Rosemary

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