Grillin' Sampler

Grillin' Sampler

You don’t need to be a Pro Pitmaster to serve up some crave-worthy ‘cue. With a league of sizzling sample-size products by your side, you can serve up everything from savory, smoky ribs to spicy-sweet slaw, right in your own backyard! As an avid griller will tell you, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can always BBQ, and that’s the same thing.” 

Products Included:

60mls: Baklouti Green Chili Olive Oil, Chipotle Olive Oil, Honey Ginger Balsamic, Vermont Maple Balsamic

Spices (.5oz): Rustic Rub, Midnight Red Seasoning, Saratoga Steak Rub, Kickin’ Cajun Seasoning

Salts (2oz): Smoked Applewood Sea Salt, Spicy Garlic Sea Salt, Smoked Bacon Chipotle Sea Salt, Cajun Sea Salt


Order now and we estimate your delivery will arrive between Jun 18, 2024 and Jun 20, 2024.

Product Description

The Grillin’ Sampler is an exclusive sampler gift set for the “foodie” in your life that is sure to bring the heat while quenching the hunger. Great times and countless memories are not included. 

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Bottles (60mls): 

Baklouti Green Chili Olive Oil: A mellow tinge of heat following an initial fragrant sweet pepper taste brings this unique two-ingredient Olive Oil full circle. The Baklouti pepper is a definite hit for the hot and spicy food lover!

Chipotle Olive Oil: Smoky and spicy to start, our Chipotle Olive Oil rounds off with a rich, peppery finish. 

Honey Ginger Balsamic Vinegar: A superlative blend of sweet and tang, the flavors of honey and ginger fuse together in this Honey ginger Balsamic Vinegar to add a nectarous heat sure to ignite your taste buds. 

Vermont Maple Balsamic Vinegar: Produced at a small family farm in Vermont, this velvety sweet maple balsamic is made with 100% pure maple syrup! Unique and fantastic, it easily ranks as one of our best sellers! 

Spices (.5oz): 

Rustic Rub: Hand sifted Tellicherry black pepper, Hungarian paprika, dried lemon peel, sea salt, fennel seeds, coriander, thyme, and rosemary team up to bring you a full-flavored complex blend of herbs and spices. This delightful mixture is reminiscent of the welcoming warmth of Mediterranean cuisine. 

Midnight Red Seasoning: Make no mistake, this is our number one customer must have! This coordinated effort of unity by Greek Oregano, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Tellicherry black pepper, Aleppo pepper, and Hungarian paprika is flawless. Not to be left out, minced onion, cumin, garlic, crushed red pepper, chipotle Meco, and smoked paprika join in on the party too. What you are left with is a robust, slightly hot seasoning blend destined for greatness. 

Saratoga Steak Rub: A robust flavor explosion for your steaks! Strong like our amazing community, the Saratoga Steak Rub starts with a skillfully mixed blend of Himalayan pink sea salt, Hungarian paprika, Tellicherry black pepper, rosemary, onion, thyme, black mustard seed, and coriander. To infuse even more zestiness, hot pepper flakes, garlic, roasted red bell pepper, and dill weed catapult themselves into the festivities.

Kickin’ Cajun Seasoning: Our Kickin’ Cajun Seasoning is a harmony of herbs made up of Hungarian paprika, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Greek oregano, cumin, and coriander. Tellicherry black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, and thyme help round out this smokey, hot blend of flavors. If you have been searching for a zesty, savory spice seasoning to really kick up your culinary fare, look no further, you’ve found it. 

Gourmet Sea Salts (2oz): 

Smoked Applewood Sea Salt: Double the smoke, double the flavor! This natural sea salt has been smoked slowly and laboriously over applewood timber until each salt crystal has captured the unique, flavorful, and smoky aroma. Whether you are outside by the grill and smoker or enjoying a hearty meal at the table, this smoke lover's sea salt is sure to add an extra burst of flavor to your meals! 

Smoked Bacon Chipotle Sea Salt: Slow and low over chipotle pepper infused Alderwood is how the natural smoked bacon flavor infuses this pure sea salt. In addition, we think bbq grills and smokers should be used year-round. There is just nothing like the taste of a charbroiled burger or steak, and we want to help add some zippy southwestern flavor to your next date with the grill. This crowd-pleaser has all the flavor you would expect, and more. You’ll need a few jars of these because they will disappear. Add some smokiness to your grub today! 

Spicy Garlic Sea Salt: Fire up the grill! Rounding out our collection of gourmet sea salts is this garlic goodness with a spark of heat you didn't know you were looking for. This spicy blend of habanero, garlic, and red peppers will add sensational flavor to your favorite grilling mates and any other garlic-loving dishes. You’ll want to keep an extra jar on hand, this we can be sure of!