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Pairing includes:

- 375ml SOOC Mild Seasonal Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Our mild extra virgin olive oils are creamy, fruity and have virtually no bitterness. They are the perfect delicate oil for pairing with more simple, light dishes such as baked white fish, tossed greens, or drizzled over fresh vegetables. Consider this your all purpose oil!

- 375ml SOOC Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar - Without a doubt lemons bring brightness to our food as the sun brings radiance to the Amalfi coast, where lemons are ubiquitous as a garnish to many local dishes. SOOC's lemon balsamic has the perfect tartness and sweetness to enhance flavors on any dish and can easily replace lemons with its bright acidity.

Recipe Included:  Salsa Verde for Fish, Vegetables or Meat


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Recipe Information - Variations of Salsa Verde or “green sauce” are found in cultures all over the world, from Argentina to Germany, France and Italy. This bright, fresh sauce is an accompaniment to fish, meat or barbecue and can be a blend of any herbs that you prefer. We suggest parsley, basil and mint, but chervil, tarragon and sorrel are fun and unexpected additions. Want other ideas for these awesome flavors? Visit our Recipe Page.

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