Black Garlic Dark Balsamic

Black Garlic Dark Balsamic

Straight from Italy's Modena region, this balsamic vinegar brings a bold twist to your meals. It's packed with the savory goodness of black garlic and the rich sweetness of balsamic, perfect for livening up your dishes! 
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Crafted in the heart of Italy, this balsamic vinegar blends the deep, savory notes of black garlic with the classic sweetness of traditional balsamic. Think of the unique umami of soy sauce mingling with hints of garlic and a subtle touch of licorice. 

This vinegar is your secret weapon in the kitchen, versatile enough for everything from a simple salad dressing to an adventurous marinade. Whether you're spicing up a stir-fry or grilling fruits for a tantalizing dessert, this vinegar adds a layer of complexity and excitement to your culinary creations.

  1. Add a splash to your chicken or pork stir-fries for an Asian-inspired zest.

  2. Mix with our spicy olive oils for a zesty marinade.

  3. Brush it on fruits like peaches or pineapple before grilling for a sweet-savory treat.

  4. Elevate ricotta or ice cream with a drizzle for an instant gourmet dessert.

  5. Spruce up your steamed veggies with a dash for an aromatic twist.

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