Brown Rice Spaghetti Pasta

Brown Rice Spaghetti Pasta

This brown rice spaghetti is the perfect gluten-free alternative to regular pasta - made from carefully crafted brown rice, it has the same classic look, taste, and texture as regular spaghetti. Enjoy a delicious meal without the gluten!


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Product Description



They are the most famous and best-selling format in the world, the symbol of Italian spirit abroad. They owe their name to their resemblance to "small strings" due to their thin and elongated shape and are present in all regional culinary traditions: from north to south of Italy. Spaghetti are extremely versatile and go perfectly with most sauces. Universally preferred and appreciated is the classic combination with fresh tomato sauce and  basil.

Made by Rustichella d'Abruzzo with 100% organic brown rice flour, pure water from the mountains, and a classic artisan production process, they preserve all the organoleptic qualities while keeping vitamins and amino acids essential for the body unaltered. This pasta utilizes brown rice, rendering it gluten-free and ideal for those with gluten sensitivities.

The 100% organic Gluten Free Spaghetti goes beyond the concept of "gluten-free product" in perfect balance between tradition and innovation, we have managed to create a product that does not deviate from the proverbial qualitative excellence of our traditional semolina pasta, and which for this reason is also suitable for non-celiac and non-intolerant consumers who want to vary their diet without sacrificing taste. 100% from organic farming strictly certified by the CCPB control body, respecting our classic craftsmanship. Gluten is not a fundamental protein in our diet, so eliminating it from your diet does not create nutritional imbalances.

Ingredients: 100% organic brown rice flour, water