Daily Double Gift Basket

From celebratory parties to housewarming gifts, we all scramble at times to find the perfect present to honor our friends, family, and work acquaintances. Our Daily Double Gift Basket includes our best selling 200ml pairing combinations of our popular Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegars. Nestled on a reusable tray with two self-closing pour spouts, this popular basket choice is elegantly wrapped with festive ribbon and a handmade bow.  Truly a simple and beautiful presentation that is sure to please. 

Three Different Combinations:

1.  The "Tuscan" Daily DoubleTuscan Herb Olive OilTraditional Balsamic2 Pour Spouts.

2.  The "Garlic Lovers" Daily DoubleGarlic Olive OilSicilian Lemon Balsamic2 Pour Spouts.   

3.  The "Mediterranean" Daily DoubleBasil Olive OilCranberry Pear Balsamic2 Pour Spouts.  

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Product Description

Three Different Combinations:

  1. The "Tuscan" Daily Double:

Tuscan Herb Olive Oil: As our signature olive oil, your senses will have you convinced you are taking a stroll through the Tuscan countryside.  The hearty aroma is evident the minute you unleash it from the bottle. What strikes us most is the adaptability in dishes when using this oil. We celebrate diversity when cooking everything from savory and sweet to sinful and sophisticated.  

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar: Used in both sweet and savory dishes, this dense balsamic is characterized by woodsy notes, sweet (fruity) undertones, and a robust finish. Good as a stand-alone balsamic but plays very well with others. A kitchen staple can be used for raw dishes, as well as cooking overheat. All future searches by you for a traditional balsamic will cease.

2 Pour Spouts: Fun meets functional with these self-closing pour spouts! 

The "Garlic Lovers" Daily Double:

Garlic Olive Oil: Garlic lovers rejoice! Tired of that lingering smell on your fingers when mincing garlic? Ditch the stink for our no-nonsense Garlic Olive Oil! The Garlic Olive Oil can be easily-addictive thanks to its smooth taste and ability to enhance any dish with its high-end flavor. Our shoppers have called it a “must-have pantry staple." Since garlic and olive oil are almost always used together in Mediterranean cooking, you can use this Garlic Olive Oil in just about anything. 

Sicilian Lemon Balsamic Vinegar: Bottled salad dressings be gone! From sweet dessert creams and heavenly meringues to savory chicken, pasta, and bread, the possibilities are endless with this pleasantly sweet, yet decidedly sharp lemon flavor. Top this bottle with one of our self-closing pour spouts! It is the perfect accessory as this Sicilian  Lemon Balsamic Vinegar will never be too far from your reach.

2 Pour Spouts: Expertly control the pour without having to worry about product rushing or dripping down the neck of the bottle again.

  1. The "Mediterranean" Daily Double:

Basil Olive Oil: When you think of Mediterranean cooking, basil and olive oil are often the two integral ingredients that come to mind. This dynamic duo is a perfect crowd pleaser with pizza and pasta! Grab a loaf of your favorite artisan bread for a bread dipping delight. Terrific with tomatoes (think heirloom and cherry) and adds a richness to fruit and cheese salads!

Cranberry Pear Balsamic Vinegar: Wow your family members and guests with this sweet, balanced flavor. Leave them guessing the secret ingredient you added to punch up the pork dish, dress up the grain salad, and get crafty with your cocktails. Enjoy the lure of a hearty meal without the weight of added salt and sugar. This exceptionally tart, yet sweet, balsamic is sure to live up to your culinary expectations.

2 Pour Spouts: Especially nice when entertaining, perfectly practical for everyday use.  

This olive oil gift basket is a celebration of gourmet flavors, featuring our best-selling 200ml pairings of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegars, thoughtfully selected for their delightful flavor pairings. Each Daily Double Gift Basket includes a duo of our popular olive oil and balsamic vinegars and two self-closing pour spouts, designed for perfect pouring every time. The entire olive oil gift basket is beautifully wrapped with a festive ribbon and a handmade bow, creating a presentation that is both simple and sophisticated. Our collection features three exquisite flavor pairings, ideal for aficionados of classic Italian cuisine, garlic lovers, or those enchanted by the vibrant tastes of the Mediterranean. Whether it’s for a special occasion, a thank you, or just because, this balsamic vinegar and olive oil gift basket is sure to please and become a cherished part of anyone’s kitchen.

Please Note: Included in these collections are the 200ml sized SOOC bottles. The dimensions are: 15 x 10 x 3. Lovingly hand-selected and expertly arranged products are subject to festive, seasonal colors and bows that may induce smiling and fondness of the basket.