Milk Chocolate Bar

Milk Chocolate Bar

Exceptionally creamy, remarkably delicious, absolutely decadent. The perfect chocolate bar to hide from your children so they don’t devour it.  

** This product is Gluten Free **


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Product Description


Made with Single-origin Ghana milk chocolate (40% chocolate – which is a high percentage for milk chocolate). Plus, the high cocoa butter content makes it exceptionally creamy. 

Suggested uses:

  • melt it down and dip your preferred fruit in it (this is our favorite use)
  • eat it with a toasted marshmallow and graham cracker for an elevated s'more

Made in a facility that also manufactures products with peanuts and/or tree nuts.

Please Note: Unless you're hoping for chocolate fondue, ordering or shipping chocolate during the summer months may be a fon-DON'T. Our shipments are not refrigerated - Chocolate may melt or become deformed in transit.

    Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, milk solids, vanilla, soy lecithin)