Originally used solely for hot dishes and preserving your surfaces, hotplates and trivets have grown to be so much more. When not in use, you can find many of them adorning the walls of the kitchen, the heart of the big or small family. Each trivet collected holding special memories of places they have visited, lived, or enjoyed. Perfect for serving your sizzling fare and equally as wonderful as a decoration! Bring home a piece of Saratoga with you today!

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Locally crafted by ‘Love is on Lake George’ in Lake George, NY., each trivet is 10 inches wide and 7 inches tall. We carry three different color variations: Saratoga Red, Graphite Black, and Stainless Steel. Each trivet is coated in a high-temperature powder coat finish, so we recommend hand-washing and air-drying them to preserve their longevity.  The unique design is perfect for a fellow horse lover, or for friends and family familiar with the history and grandeur of the Saratoga community.