Tuscan Harvest Sea Salt

Tuscan Harvest Sea Salt

Tuscany is a land of enchanting views and impressive architectural feats, but also renowned for its delectable cuisine. Capture the essence of the region with our Tuscan Harvest Sea Salt. Relax in the rustic atmosphere of the old country and enhance the flavor of your Italian dishes with a pinch of this traditional sea salt.

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Product Description


Tuscan Harvest Sea Salt Culinary Suggestions:

  • Pasta dishes, meatballs, marinara sauce, and creamy alfredo
  • Bread: fresh-baked, rustic, and artisan
  • Mashed, roasted, baked, and grilled potatoes
  • Breakfast skillet 
  • Compound butter, creamy sauces, and amazing dips
  • Farm fresh vegetables seasoned to perfection
  • Season seafood
  • Sprinkle on Pizza

Proudly rocking the Saratoga Olive Oil Company Emblem, each Sea Salt comes in a clearly labeled, sealed glass jar. The wide opening of the jar enables the chef to easily grab a pinch of the salty goodness. Each jar has a product weight included on the back label. More flavor, less rubbish

Ingredients: Natural Sea Salt, Herbs, and Garlic