Ask Barb - Loyalty Program

Ask Barb - Loyalty Program

Barbara Braidwood is one of the founders of Saratoga Olive Oil Co. She enjoys educating our consumers about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegars and how to incorporate them into a healthy, balanced diet.

Dear Barb,

I have been a loyal customer for the past six years and I just can’t live without my Tuscan Herb Olive Oil and Traditional Balsamic! I moved to Washington D.C. from Saratoga this past summer. I stocked up with your products before I left town and will be back in Saratoga for the holidays. I have two full punch cards that I am hoping to redeem when I visit in December.

If I purchase bottles online before then, can I get credit for them on my punch card? I appreciate your help!


Alison Bohannon
Washington, D.C.


Dear Alison,

Thank you for your question. Wow! Two full punch cards! That’s a lot of bottles. Thank you for being such a loyal customer!

You will be happy to know we have completely transitioned to a new loyalty program, Saratoga Olive Oil Rewards, that credits BOTH in-store AND online purchases. This new program also earns you credit back for ALL of your purchases, not just bottles! You earn 5% store credit back on orders under $85, and 8% store credit back on orders of $85 or more.

Saratoga Olive Oil Rewards is completely free and easy to use. Here’s how to get started:

Go to our website at and create an account. Once logged in, on your account dashboard, you will find your very own Loyalty Card Code by pressing the “Store Credit” button. This Store Credit snapshot also shows you all the credit you have accumulated from each of your purchases. If you do not wish to create an account, simply make a purchase and check your email for your new loyalty card code.

For online purchases, use your loyalty card code at checkout, and your store credit will automatically be added to your loyalty card.

For in-store purchases, provide your phone number or email address, and your loyalty card will automatically load and your credit will be captured.

When you are ready to redeem your credit online, just paste your loyalty card code in the “Gift card or discount code” box at checkout. At our shops, we will ask if you want your accrued credit balance applied to your purchase right at the register. Super easy!

As for your punch cards, please bring them into any of our shops, and your account will receive $1.08 worth of credit for every punch. Your two full punch cards will earn you a well-deserved $21.60 towards your next purchase.

I hope that you are as excited about our new loyalty program as we are. We look forward to seeing you in Saratoga over the holiday season.

Happy Cooking,


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