Gluten-Free Food Demo

The Saratoga Olive Oil Team thanks everyone who attended AND everyone who virtually attended our Gluten-Free Food Demo! We had a blast tonight and we hope you did too! Below are our winners of the night. Your giveaway? You get to choose between our Lavender Balsamic, used in our main dish tonight OR our new harvest Californian Koroneiki Olive Oil! Just let us know when you come in!

1. Samantha Miller McBee – The theme of the night was Gluten-Free!
2. Nancy Wiley – Our Potato Salad was made with Basil Olive Oil!
3. Kimi Bishop Jeffers – Anchovies were used to give the Salad a Salty taste!
4. Karen Hickcox The meat Haley cooked to pair with the Lavender and Peppered Bacon Risotto was Duck (Quack)!
5. Janice Kolar Mansfield – Liquids are added little by little in the risotto to make it creamy!
6. Angie Ahr – Almond Flour was used in the Gluten-Free Flourless Chocolate Cake!
* We will announce the winner for the attendee contest tomorrow to give everyone a chance to get home and play!