Grill Master Lover

Grill Master Lover

Become the Pit Boss of your backyard with the masterful combination of these intense flavors.  The quintessential blend for a succulent steak will use these tools over and over again!  The woody richness of the Espresso Balsamic naturally tenderizes proteins while the smokey and peppery Chipotle Oil adds a unique and intense depth of flavor to meat marinades.

Recipe IncludedGrilled Sirloin Steak Tips with Espresso Balsamic


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375ml SOOC Chipotle Olive Oil- Smoky and spicy to start, our Chipotle Olive Oil rounds off with a rich, peppery finish. The high smoke point makes this aromatic oil perfect for all your grilling adventures. 

375ml SOOC Espresso Dark Balsamic Vinegar- The richness of authentic espresso meets the woody flavor notes of our timeless aged balsamic. The deep, caramelized undertones perfectly complement our sweet Blood Orange Olive Oil. 

Recipe Included: Grilled Sirloin Steak Tips with Espresso Balsamic

Side Note: We gave “The Grill Master Lover” permission to arrive in regular packing materials. They decided a gift box just wasn't for them. If these are a token of happiness for a loved one, friend, or family member, just fill out the gift message section during checkout and we will be sure to include the note when these are shipped. Thank you!