Italian Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This years’ Nocellara is typical of the beautiful region and variety of olive. It is very well balanced as to bitterness, pungency, and fruitiness, as well as sweetness and astringency. The dominant flavors are green, herbaceous fruitiness of fresh-cut-grass, cool mint, spicy cinnamon, and black pepper.

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Our robust Nocellara is complex with unique savory and sweet fruit notes and a pleasant creamy mouth feel. Lingering pepperiness builds in the back of the throat with a delayed astringency, signifying the healthy Oleocanthal content. Pungent but with little to no bitterness, this is a superbly balanced oil. Dress salad greens or incorporate into your favorite vinaigrette. Toss with your favorite vegetables before roasting and then drizzle those tender, caramelized beauties with more olive oil to finish.

*Date of Crush: November 2021. FFA- 0.18, PV- 2.9 OLEIC- 72.1, BIO-PHENOLS- 436.5, DAGS- 96.5

*Chemistry values are representative from time of crush.

All Saratoga Olive Oils are Kosher Certified.

Italian Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil nutritional information

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