Truffle Sea Salt

Truffles have such a loyal following amongst food lovers. This difficult to farm fungi friend can be expensive, but oh is the flavor worth it. When the musky, almost garlicky flavor of the dehydrated black truffle is enhanced with pure sea salt, the result is a seasoning blend destined to take center stage in your next dish. This uniquely rich black truffle salt can be used in food preparation, or enjoyed as a finishing salt. We think you are going to love this culinary delicacy.

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Truffle Sea Salt Culinary Suggestions:

  • Scallops, lobster, and butterflied shrimp
  • Pappardelle, cavatelli, and orecchiette pasta 
  • French fries, popcorn, and mixed gourmet nuts
  • Mushroom crostini and creamy risotto
  • Truffles, cakes, and mousse
  • Truffle sea salt butter
  • Soups and sauces that are prepared with white wine

Proudly rocking the Saratoga Olive Oil Company Emblem, each Sea Salt comes in a clearly labeled, sealed glass jar. The wide opening of the jar enables the chef to easily grab a pinch of the salty goodness. Each jar has a product weight included on the back label. More flavor, less rubbish.

Ingredients: Natural Sea Salt, Truffle and 1% Truffle aroma

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