Tuscan Herb Vinaigrette Pairing

Bold and thick dijon mustard is an integral emulsifying agent in this classic, versatile recipe. Serve this Tuscan-inspired vinaigrette over salad greens, pasta salad, or panzanella.

Try this recipe: Tuscan Herb Vinaigrette

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Tuscan Herb Olive Oil:  As our signature olive oil, your senses will have you convinced you are taking a stroll through the Tuscan countryside. The hearty aroma is evident the minute you unleash it from the bottle. What strikes us most is the adaptability in dishes when using this oil. We celebrate diversity when cooking everything from savory and sweet to sinful and sophisticated.

Traditional 18-Year Balsamic Vinegar: Used in both sweet and savory dishes, this dense balsamic is characterized by woodsy notes, sweet (fruity) undertones, and a robust finish. Good as a stand-alone balsamic but plays very well with others. A kitchen staple can be used for raw dishes, as well as cooking overheat. All future searches by you for a traditional balsamic will cease.

Try this recipe: Tuscan Herb Vinaigrette,  Tuscan Grilled Chicken

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