Refilling a Bottle

Refilling a Bottle

Wondering what to do with your empty Saratoga Olive Oil Co. bottle when you’ve used up the final drops of oil or vinegar?

Consider a bottle refill. Reusing and refilling your bottles not only reduces waste, but also saves you money – 20% of the regular price on Refill Thursdays and 10% the rest of the week.

How to clean an empty bottle:
Wash bottle thoroughly. If you have a dishwasher, simply run the bottle through it. If not, hot, soapy water will do the trick in removing the oily residue.

Let the bottle dry thoroughly by removing the cap. It’s important to ensure that no moisture is present in your empty bottle, as it can affect the quality of the oil or vinegar.

How to refill:
Bring your clean, dry bottle to any of our store locations and ask a staff member for help with a refill.

As long as your bottle is clean, it can be filled with any flavor – it doesn’t necessarily have to be the flavor you originally purchased. Feel free to taste our different oils and vinegars before making a decision – refills are a great way to experiment with new flavors.

Once you’ve selected a flavor, we will fill the bottle, replace the cap with a new one, reseal the bottle, and add the corresponding label.


To recap:
Clean ’em out!
Dry ’em out!
Refill ’em for 10% off!