Chipotle Olive Oil & Red Apple Balsamic

Our bold and smoky Chipotle Olive Oil has found its perfect mate with our delicately sweet Red Apple Balsamic! A gentle blend of confectionery and spicy, this popular set is delicious when dressing greens or as a flavor component in our Chipotle Carrot and Apple Soup!

Try this recipe: Chipotle Carrot and Apple Soup

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Red Apple Balsamic: Bring the taste of the outdoors into your kitchen with this delicate, sweet apple flavor. Indulge in decadent desserts, like streusels, crumbles, and crepes. Dive into a dinner of pan-broiled pork and red-skinned potatoes, the Red Apple Balsamic complements the flavors in both! Aside from drinking straight out of the bottle, you know you’ve tried it, you can add this sweet as syrup concoction to sparkling beverages or get creative with your cocktails. This is also kid-approved, so go ahead and sweeten up their little breakfasts and sneak into ice cream as a healthier alternative to junky (yet also delicious) sundae toppings!

Chipotle Olive Oil: What we love most about this Chipotle Olive Oil is the ability to add depths of flavor without being fiercely hot. Southwestern foodie fans love the warm and smoky flavors it adds to chile con queso, tortilla soup, and tamale pie. Die-hard popcorn fans love popping their favorite kernels in this authentic chili-infused oil. The high smoke point makes this aromatic oil perfect for all your grilling adventures. 

Try this recipe: Chipotle Carrot and Apple Soup

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