Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar

A delicate, sweet apple flavor permeates this fall season flavor. Fruitier than most of our aged balsamic vinegars. It makes a wonderful marinade for fishes.

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This balsamic has an enticing aroma and a delicate, sweet apple flavor, fruitier than most balsamic vinegars. Its rich flavor makes it ideal for meat marinades and summer grilling, and when paired with one of our olive oils, it's sweet enough to liven up refreshing green and fruit salads.

No added sugars. All natural always.

Ingredients: Grape must, wine vinegar, natural flavors, naturally occurring sulfites

Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar nutritional information

Chef Suggested Pairings


Olive Oil


Butternut Squash 

Seed Oil


Herbes de Provence 

Olive Oil