Finish Line Premium Olive Oil Gift Basket

Finish Line Premium Olive Oil Gift Basket

Our gourmet olive oil gift baskets are the perfect opportunity to say ‘thank you’, ‘congratulations’, or ‘thinking of you'. Each olive oil and vinegar gift basket comes with two bottles of delicious balsamic vinegars, two bottles of exquisite olive oil, two gourmet sea salts, and two self-closing pour spouts, all placed in a beautiful gift basket. For a limited time, pick up our special ‘Summer’ edition olive oil gift basket with new flavors and fun, festive, colored bottles!

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Product Description

Finish Line Premium Gift Basket Includes:

200ml Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil: An EVOO hand-selected from our latest crush. Regions have included Chile, Greece, Spain, and Portugal

200ml Tuscan Herb Olive Oil: As our signature olive oil, your senses will have you convinced you are taking a stroll through the Tuscan countryside. The hearty aroma is evident the minute you unleash it from the bottle. What strikes us most is the adaptability in dishes when using this oil. We celebrate diversity when cooking everything from savory and sweet to sinful and sophisticated.  

200ml Fig Balsamic Vinegar: Boastful of a flavor so incredibly close to the actual fresh fig fruit.  Everyone Benefits from the juicy complexity and how well it pairs with a multitude of our Olive Oils. Sweet and fruity without any added sugars make this Balsamic a treat for both your palate and waistline. Let the subtle, yet confectionary fig taste compliment your next steak or chicken plate. 

200ml Cranberry Pear Balsamic Vinegar: Wow your family members and guests with this sweet, balanced flavor. Leave them guessing the secret ingredient you added to punch up the pork dish, dress up the grain salad, and get crafty with your cocktails. Enjoy the lure of a hearty meal without the weight of added salt and sugar. This exceptionally tart, yet sweet, balsamic is sure to live up to your culinary expectations. 

Smoked Bacon Chipotle Sea Salt: Slow and low over chipotle pepper infused alderwood is how the natural smoked bacon flavor infuses this pure sea salt. In addition, we think bbq grills and smokers should be used year round. There is just nothing like the taste of a charbroiled burger or steak, and we want to help add some zippy southwestern flavor to your next date with the grill.

Rosemary Sea Salt: It will be as if you’ve picked a sprig of fresh rosemary from your garden on a warm summer day. Because it is a member of the mint family, this delightful evergreen herb will be just what you are looking for to flavor your next dish! Think chicken and pork skewers, and liven up popcorn too. This natural sea salt and balanced wisp of rosemary will be front and center next time you reach for a pinch or two.

2 Self Closing Pour Spouts: Fun meets functional with these self-closing pour spouts! Expertly control the pour without having to worry about product rushing or dripping down the neck of the bottle again.  Especially nice when entertaining, perfectly practical for everyday use.  

With every gourmet olive oil gift basket, you’re giving an exploration of two exceptional balsamic vinegars and two premium olive oils, all expertly chosen for their distinct profiles. Complementing this are two gourmet sea salts, adding that perfect touch of seasoning to any dish. To make the experience seamless, we’ve included two self-closing pour spouts ensuring precision with each pour. All these treasures come nestled within a beautifully crafted basket, reflecting the care and quality Saratoga Olive Oil Co. is renowned for. Whether you wish to convey gratitude, celebrate a milestone, or simply remind someone of their special place in your heart, the Finish Line Premium Gift Basket is the way to do it. And for those looking to embrace the spirit of the season, our limited ‘Fall’ edition beckons with exclusive flavors, all housed in vibrant, festive-colored bottles. 

Please Note: Included in this gift basket are the 200ml sized SOOC bottles. Lovingly hand-selected and expertly arranged products are subject to festive, seasonal colors and bows that may induce smiling and fondness of the gift basket.