Rosemary Olive Oil & Black Cherry Balsamic

Rosemary Olive Oil & Black Cherry Balsamic

When you are not quite ready to let go of the sultry days of summer, yet eagerly anticipate the coziness that fall welcomes, you reach for this indomitable couple that unites the finest of both worlds. Savor the sweet while relishing in the bold.

Try this recipe: Rosemary Black Cherry Focaccia

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Rosemary Olive OilDried herbs are amazing, but our Rosemary Olive Oil really stands out as a superior option. Conveniently stir in soups, or enjoy with freshly baked bread! As a popular addition to lamb and pork chops, this fused olive oil pairs well with our Black Cherry Balsamic. Perfect for roasting chicken, lamb, potatoes, and root vegetables. 

Black Cherry Balsamic Vinegar: The luscious aroma and great viscosity of this balsamic inspire both sweetened and savory dishes. From grilled steaks to heavenly cheesecake, the versatility in dishes is endless. Move over flavored water enhancers, take a hike, powdered drink mixes, there is a new, HEALTHIER way to get those water ounces in! Our Black Cherry Balsamic Vinegar adds just the zip you were looking for!

Try this recipe:  Rosemary Black Cherry Focaccia

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