Rosemary Olive Oil

Fresh sprigs of wild rosemary are crushed with sun-ripened olives to create this full-bodied, aromatic, Rosemary-Infused Olive Oil. 

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Pressato is the Italian word for “pressed,” which is a popular method used for crushing ripened olives and fresh rosemary simultaneously. Sure, fresh herbs are amazing, but our Rosemary Fused Olive Oil really stands out as a superior year-round option. At the heart of this extra virgin olive oil lies rosemary, with its distinctive woody aroma and hints of lemon, pepper, and mint. When crushed together with sun-ripened olives, the rosemary needles release their essential oils, infusing the olive oil with a depth of flavor that is both invigorating and complex. The herb's aromatic profile is a perfect match for the rich, fruity notes of the olive oil, creating a blend that is resonant with the flavors of the Mediterranean landscape. The rosemary's robust character doesn't just complement the olive oil it lends a fresh, earthy quality that makes this oil a standout ingredient in any pantry. This Rosemary-Infused Olive Oil doesn't shy away from its herbaceous roots; instead, it celebrates them, offering a sensory experience that is as rich and layered as the herb itself. Convenient to stir into tomato or cream based soups, or drizzle liberally over freshly baked bread. Toss with any summer produce before firing up the grill! A popular flavor profile for lamb and pork dishes, this fused olive oil pairs wonderfully with our Black Cherry Balsamic Vinegar. 

  • Use as a dip for fresh baked focaccia 
  • Splash over fingerling potatoes before air frying
  • Brush on paninis or wraps before pressing
  • Marinate chicken or pork for grilling or roasting
  • Lovely when paired with lamb
  • Superior with salmon

So go ahead, plant that herb garden you’ve been wanting, in THYME you’ll see this savory, herbaceous olive oil become a real kitchen staple.

All Saratoga Olive Oils are Kosher Certified.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rosemary

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