Lavender Rosé Vinaigrette Pairing

Lavender Rosé Vinaigrette Pairing

As one of our lighter olive oil and balsamic pairings, our Herbes de Provence Olive Oil and Lavender Balsamic Vinegar pairs beautifully with soft cheeses and is enchanting as a simple summer dressing. Our Herbes de Provence Olive Oil mingles with the prominent flavors of thyme, bay leaf, and sage; delightful when combined with the slightly floral and herbaceous taste of our Lavender Balsamic. 

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Herbes de Provence Infused Olive Oil: Top notes of savory, thyme, and bay leaf, this all-natural Herbes de Provence Olive Oil is a show-stopper! The culmination of fresh herbs will take you back to lazy summer days where gardens are plentiful and the breeze is warm. As with many of our Olive Oils, you will be the star of the kitchen when you integrate this oil into your next dish, meal, or recipe. From roasted chicken and basted turkey, to artisan focaccia bread and rich stews, this infused olive oil adds just the right amount of savory goodness. 

Lavender Rosé Balsamic Vinegar - Imagine the essence of lavender dancing with your taste buds, a delicate blend of floral whispers, fruity delights, and a hint of herbaceous charm. This bottle of pure enchantment will transport you to sun-kissed lavender fields in the south of France! Take your culinary expertise to new heights by crafting marinades that give chicken, lamb, and pork a flavor makeover. Suddenly, your kitchen is a flavor lab, and you're the mad scientist of taste!

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