Winner's Circle Basket

Our best gift basket for the Saratoga Olive Oil Co. lover! This basket is pure culinary magic! Let the sweet, zesty, and robust flavors elevate every dish you cook to gourmet heights. With this selection, your kitchen won't just be equipped for any recipe – it'll be inspired.


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Product Description

Winners Circle Basket Includes: 

375ml Traditional Balsamic Vinegar
: Used in both sweet and savory dishes, this dense balsamic is characterized by woodsy notes, sweet (fruity) undertones, and a robust finish. Good as a stand-alone balsamic but plays very well with others. A kitchen staple can be used for raw dishes, as well as cooking overheat. All future searches by you for a traditional balsamic will cease.

375ml Tuscan Herb Olive Oil: As our signature olive oil, your senses will have you convinced you are taking a stroll through the Tuscan countryside. The hearty aroma is evident the minute you unleash it from the bottle. What strikes us most is the adaptability in dishes when using this oil. We celebrate diversity when cooking everything from savory and sweet to sinful and sophisticated.

375ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil: We follow the crush in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres to bring you only the freshest olive oils from around the world. Our premium olive oil is made from the finest hand-picked olives and is perfect for those who prefer a bit of kick. Our extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, and vitamin E, making it a great addition to any diet. 

Rosemary Sea Salt: It will be as if you’ve picked a sprig of fresh rosemary from your garden on a warm summer day. Because it is a member of the mint family, this delightful evergreen herb will be just what you are looking for to flavor your next dish! Think chicken and pork skewers, and liven up popcorn too. This natural sea salt and balanced wisp of rosemary will be front and center next time when you need to reach for a pinch or two.

Himalayan Pink Salt: Hand mined at altitudes of over 10,000 feet in the Himalayan mountains, this minimally processed pure pink salt has been known to help eliminate toxins and increase circulation in your body. The pinkish hue and distinctive taste comes from the unique mineral content left from the evaporated sea water.  Chief of the kitchen, but more than welcome at the dinner table.

Bread Dip Seasoning: Our Signature Bread Dip Seasoning is locally ground fresh right here in Saratoga Springs, NY!  This wonderful blend of herbs is made with a fragrant combination of roasted onion, rosemary, dried lemon peel, chives, oregano, parsley and a hint of sea salt.

Saratoga Olive Oil Trivet: Originally used solely for hot dishes and preserving your surfaces, hotplates and trivets have grown to be so much more. When not in use, you can find many of them adorning the walls of the kitchen, the heart of the big or small family. Each trivet collected holding special memories of places they have visited, lived, or enjoyed. Perfect for serving your sizzling fare and equally as wonderful as a decoration! Bring home a piece of Saratoga with you today!

Dark Horse Chocolate Bar: Dark Horse is right! This sweet treat is exquisitely rich, distinctly flavorful, and it surprisingly embodies the taste of cocoa like no other chocolate bar you've experienced. Taste it and tell us we're wrong!

3 Gold Self Closing Pour Spouts: The perfect pour spout for your favorite olive oil or balsamic vinegar. This Self-Closing Pour Spout allows you to control the flow so you don't waste a drop of precious product.

Ceramic Dip Dish: Color/design may vary. Handcrafted with love, makes an excellent addition to your next charcuterie board or tablescape. 

Handmade Cruet: Color may vary. A colorful cruet to hold your favorite Saratoga Olive Oil Co. Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinegar! These olive oil and balsamic vinegar cruets are made by hand in the USA by Grey Fox Pottery and come in a variety of colors! All cruets are branded with the Saratoga Olive Oil Company Logo. These beautiful cruets are guaranteed to brighten up your kitchen! Makes a lovely gift for the Saratoga Olive Oil lover in your life. 

Please Note: Included in this basket are the 375ml sized SOOC bottles. Lovingly hand-selected and expertly arranged products are subject to festive, seasonal colors and bows that may induce smiling and fondness of the basket. Thank you!

*Actual base and arrangement may vary*