Stuffed Olives

Snack time just got a major upgrade! These jars are perfect for kicking back or jazzing up your party spread. They're great solo or alongside your favorite cheese, crackers, and wine. So, grab a jar, uncork a bottle, and get ready to make every munch moment extraordinary!
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Product Description


Pair them with cheese, crackers, or a crisp glass of wine, and discover a world of appetizing possibilities. Perfect as a standalone snack or as a gourmet addition to your charcuterie board, our stuffed olives are set to become your new culinary BFF!

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives

They perfectly balance the bold taste of blue cheese with the gentle tang of green olives. Love a good brew? Pair them with your favorite craft beer, or drizzle with a bit of olive oil and balsamic for a simple yet sophisticated nibble.

Double Stuffed Olives (Jalapeño & Garlic)

The crisp heat of jalapeños intertwined with the boldness of garlic creates a snack that’s not just delicious but daring! Ideal for those who love a little heat, these olives are a hit at any gathering, especially when paired with a Pale Ale or a tangy dipping sauce.

Garlic Stuffed Olives

For the garlic lovers out there, our Garlic Stuffed Olives are a real treat. Each olive combines the zesty snap of crisp garlic with the classic green olive savoriness, making them a sophisticated choice for any snack time or appetizer table. Their flavor pairs perfectly with a delicate swirl of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Jalapeno Stuffed Olives

For those who like it hot, these are a must-try. Each olive is a delightful pop of heat, making them the perfect snack for spice lovers. Whether enjoyed on their own or as part of a vibrant charcuterie platter, these olives add a fiery flair to any occasion. Consider adding them to your favorite salad, maybe even alongside grilled chicken or steak, for an extra kick of flavor!


Jalapeno Stuffed Olives: Queen Olives, jalapeno peppers, water, vinegar, salt.

Garlic Stuffed Olives: Queen Olives, garlic, water, vinegar, salt.

Double Stuffed Olives: Queen Olives, garlic, jalapeno peppers, water, vinegar, salt.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives: Queen Olives, natural American and Blue Cheese (cultured milk, salt, enzymes), cream, water, sodium phosphate, salt, sorbic acid (preservative)