Ask Barb - Bar Syrups ARE for Cooking

Saratoga Olive Oil Bar Syrups

Barbara Braidwood is one of the founders of Saratoga Olive Oil Co. She enjoys educating our consumers about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegars and how to incorporate them into a healthy, balanced diet.

“But Barb, are bar syrups only for drinks? Or can I cook with them, too?”

Absolutely, you can cook with our bar syrups! Our bar syrups are actually a type of gourmet balsamic called agrodolce, meaning sour and sweet in Italian. 

Local Chef David Britton of Dakine Cuisine crafts our agrodolces by combining our Premium White Balsamic Vinegar (the sour) with sugar or agave and other sweet or savory (and sometimes spicy) ingredients before cooking them down to create this delicious Italian condiment. 

Bloody Mary Bar Syrup – As a picky big Bloody Mary fan, I was a bit skeptical when we first received this product. But how much better could it actually make a Bloody Mary? The answer is a lot. It makes a Bloody Mary A LOT better. 

Not just for a Sunday morning cocktail, this bar syrup amps up a hearty chili, adds zest to a bleu cheese dressing for a wedge salad, and transforms a shrimp cocktail sauce. I love to saute diced bell peppers, onions, and spinach with a splash of Bloody Mary Bar Syrup before tossing with a rice pilaf for a flavorful dinner!

Jalapeño Mint Bar Syrup – An invigorating combination of fresh and spicy, our Jalapeño Mint Bar Syrup is the perfect addition to any stir fry, summer fruit salad, and salsas! Drizzle this artisan bar syrup over top of blistered shishito peppers to make a simple Spanish-style tapas with astounding flavor! 

One of the most flavorful ways to use the Jalapeño Mint Bar Syrup is to reduce it into a thick glaze, perfect for lamb dishes. This Greek Meatball recipe with a pistachio mint rice is the perfect compliment to this spicy-sweet condiment!

Limoncello Bar Syrup – A perfectly light and refreshing lemon flavor that can brighten up freshly cut fruit or salad! Our Limoncello Bar Syrup offers such a delicate flavor, that I actually prefer not to cook with this one. Instead, I use it in a light salad dressing like in this Panzanella Salad

Make an easy summer sorbet treat by combining the Limoncello Bar Syrup with water, sugar, and freshly-squeezed lemon juice and freezing! 

Mango Coconut Bar Syrup - Elevate your next craft cocktail, mocktail, or summer beverage with the flavor of Mango Coconut Bar Syrup! This sweet syrup will give any drink the perfect hint of summer, taking your tastebuds to the beach without having to buy a plane ticket.

Jazz up any fresh salad or coleslaw recipe for your next summer BBQ or potluck (personally, I love the fruiter ones). Marinate shrimp or fish and serve over jasmine rice for a savory yet sweet main course.

For dessert, try it in a Mango Coconut Olive Oil Upside Down Cake to 'Wow' your friends and family.

The possibilities are endless (and not limited to drinks) with our Artisan Bar Syrups! Of course, we still have plenty of cocktail recipes (almost 30 and counting) on our website!

Don’t forget to check out our other agrodolce flavors at any of our three stores and online!