Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You probably have heard how the Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world. The areas of the world that incorporate this diet often engage in a healthy lifestyle of exercise and community involvement in addition to a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, fish and limited processed foods. What is the most common component of a Mediterranean diet?  Yes, you nailed it-  Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). 

At Saratoga Olive Oil Company (SOOC), we have been working with this liquid gold for over a decade and we are proud to support a product that can fight back against the aging of our bodies and fend off disease. 


Why is EVOO so good for our bodies?  

  • A “good” EVOO is high in polyphenols.  These antioxidants act as a shield for our cells and fend off the oxidation of them and the formation of free radical molecules that cause diseases like cancer.  
  • A “good” EVOO acts as an anti-inflammatory with its oleocanthal properties.  Inflammation is often the precursor to heart disease and other chronic diseases. 
  • A “good” EVOO reduces blood pressure.  A healthy heart is important to our longevity and this monounsaturated fat helps to lower our LDL (bad cholesterol).


What constitutes a “good” EVOO?

At Saratoga Olive Oil Company(SOOC), we evaluate the chemistry of each batch of olive oil that we purchase.  But, what makes ours so healthy?  It comes down to 3 HUGE factors:

  • Limited processing: EVOO is the healthiest form of olive oil. Any bottle that is labeled “olive oil”, “light olive oil”, “refined olive oil” or other names indicate that they have been “refined” or processed. Processing olives allows for more oil to be extracted from an olive by heat or chemicals, but in turn destroys the healthy components (like antioxidants) as well as the flavor. 
  • Time: The faster that we can get the EVOO from the crush of the olive to your kitchen is so important. EVOO has the highest levels of its most healthy properties like polyphenols at the time of the crush.  From that point, the clock is ticking. Olive Oil is a fruit juice - it breaks down and can go bad (rancid) over time.
  • Ripeness:  The more immature the olive the better. The polyphenols that these immature olives present are much higher than riper olives.  Of course, this comes down to taste as well.  The more immature olive will be more bitter and pungent so we have to wait for a little ripeness. 

How can Saratoga Olive Oil Company assure that you are receiving the highest quality and healthiest EVOO? 

We only carry single pressed EVOO. We evaluate the chemistry values of each batch to assure that they meet or exceed the standards of EVOO. None of our olive oils are refined or chemically processed.

“We follow the crush” meaning that we flip hemispheres and pull the freshest and most healthy EVOOs found anywhere in the world. For example, in October and November areas like Italy, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Greece, Tunisia, California all make wonderful varietals. Now flip the hemisphere - South Africa, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Australia also make unbelievable varietals as well and their crush date lands in May and June.  

Each variety of olive has a certain taste profile. Arbequina, Picual, Coratina, Nocellara, Koroneki, Mission, etc. have a distinct flavor that will vary further depending on how ripe the olive is at the time of crush. At Saratoga Olive Oil Company, we sample each EVOO to assure that the taste profile is not only delicious, but varies from mild, to medium to robust to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. 

We are asked all the time  - What country makes the best olive oil?  

Our answer is simple - It’s not about the country.  It’s about the freshness of the olive oil.  So travel around the world with our EVOOs. Follow the crush with us and use our delicious EVOOs as part of your heart healthy Mediterranean diet!