French Fleur De Sel Sea Salt

French Fleur De Sel Sea Salt

This mild sea salt, hand harvested from the marshes off the coast of Brittany France, commands space in the kitchens of many aspiring and renowned chefs. The lingering light taste from the delicate crystals will leave you enjoying this gourmet salt in many home inspired dishes and meals.

Kaitlin, manager of our Burlington Shop, loves using our Spanish Melgareljo Picual EVOO with Fleur de Sel Sea Salt as a bread dip.

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French Fleur de Sel Salt Culinary Suggestions:

  • Quiche and brunch delicacies 
  • Mild enough for sweet desserts 
  • Elevates the natural flavors of meat and seafood
  • Stir in soups and sauces
  • Delectable with popcorn and oven-roasted nuts
  • Grilled fish and simple salads

Proudly rocking the Saratoga Olive Oil Company Emblem, each Sea Salt comes in a clearly labeled, sealed glass jar. The wide opening of the jar enables the chef to easily grab a pinch of the salty goodness. Each jar has a product weight included on the back label. More flavor, less rubbish

Ingredients: Natural French Fleur de Sea