Sicilian Sea Salt

Sea, sun and wind are the only ingredients used to obtain this unrefined sea salt with a delicate, sweet taste. Harvested by hand along the western Sicilian coast, from Marsala up to Trapani, lies famous salt pans located in natural reserves. Here is where this artisan salt is extracted by the natural evaporation of seawater. With a truly remarkable taste, you will find yourself appreciating the versatility of it when you are cooking, baking, and enjoying a meal.

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Sicilian Sea Salt Culinary Suggestions:

  • Orzo pasta, lemons, and grilled shrimp
  • Sicilian sea salt caramel cake
  • Pancetta wrapped asparagus
  • Sea Bass with Sicilian cherry tomato relish
  • Vanilla ice cream with sea salted chocolate sauce
  • Mushroom arancini 

Proudly rocking the Saratoga Olive Oil Company Emblem, each Sea Salt comes in a clearly labeled, sealed glass jar. The wide opening of the jar enables the chef to easily grab a pinch of the salty goodness. Each jar has a product weight included on the back label. More flavor, less rubbish. 

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Ingredients: Natural Sea Salt

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