Dirty Aperol Spritz

Dirty Aperol Spritz
Transport yourself to Italy with this iconic orange cocktail. The Aperol Spritz brings on nothing but good vibes and a refreshing orange flavor. Make it dirty with our artisanal Smoked Olive Bar Syrup!

Products used: Smoked Olive Bar Syrup


6 oz Prosecco, chilled
4 oz Aperol
2 oz Seltzer
1 oz SOOC Smoked Olive Bar Syrup
2 Rosemary sprigs
2 slices Orange


Fill two wine glasses with ice and divide the chilled prosecco among those two glasses.

In a cocktail mixing glass, stir together the Aperol and the Smoked Olive Bar Syrup. Divide between the two glasses. Top off with seltzer.

Garnish with the rosemary sprigs and orange slices, enjoy!