Pan Roasted Herbed Chicken

Pan Roasted Herbed Chicken

A delicious chicken recipe featuring Herbes de Provence Olive Oil and Fig Balsamic Vinegar from Saratoga Olive Oil Co.

Products used: Fig Balsamic Vinegar, Herbes de Provence Olive Oil, Sicilian Sea Salt,


1 whole Chicken, divided into 8 pieces, or 6 chicken thighs
¼ cup SOOC Herbes de Provence Olive Oil
2 sprigs fresh Rosemary, Thyme and/or Lavender
2 cups Black Mission dried figs Balsamic Vinegar
¾ cup SOOC Fig Balsamic Vinegar
6-8 cloves Garlic, peeled
4 Tbsp a Mild SOOC Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil
SOOC Sicilian Sea Salt, to taste
½ cup Flour
1 ¼ cup Chicken Stock or Broth
SOOC Herbes de Provence Olive Oil, to taste


In a sealable plastic bag, marinate the chicken with the Herbes de Provence Olive Oil and 1 sprig of herbs for 1 hr at room temp. Meanwhile, soak the figs in Fig Balsamic and prepare shallots and garlic.

Prepare a heavy bottomed skillet on medium heat. Place flour in a shallow dish. Lightly dry the chicken with a paper towel and season with Sicilian Sea Salt. Dredge in flour immediately before putting in the pan. Sear on all sides until golden. Do not overcrowd. Each batch should start with a clean pan and new Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Remove chicken and set aside. Reserve pan for next step.

Add in 1 Tbsp of fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil and cook the shallots and garlic until golden. Return the chicken to the pan and pour the figs and Fig Balsamic around the chicken. Bring to a simmer, cook 2 minutes, and then add in the stock and remaining herb sprigs. Bring to a boil, reduce immediately to a simmer, and cook for 45 minutes, covered, at very low temperature.

When the chicken is cooked through, place on serving dish and keep warm. Skim any fat off the surface of the sauce. Adjust seasoning as needed. Finish with a light drizzle of Herbes de Provence Olive Oil and serve.